High Growth Opportunity

According to the 2010 NZ Racing Board report, the racing industry generates $184.47m of direct income into the Auckland economy, contributes $402m to GDP and employs 4,091 full time equivalents (FTEs). There are more than 1520 breeders who collectively spend $74.65m annually and 314 trainers who spend $48.48m annually.

It is believed that the sport horse industry has more than 45,000 horses in the Auckland region and generates $372m of direct income annually into the Auckland economy.[1]

Despite the industry’s significant contribution, it has not yet been recognised as an opportunity sector for the Auckland region….

The equine business sector mirrors the marine and motorsport industries as large recreational financial contributors to the regional economy. They both have complex and closely linked relationships and dependencies between recreation, with sport and industry components, and both run with success in sports as world leaders.

It is evident from a business mapping exercise that a significant cluster of equine businesses exists in the Auckland region. We believe that more than 600 equine businesses exist in the Auckland Region

[1] Puhinui Project Feasibility Report

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