Auckland’s rural economy

The Auckland Council commissioned Primary Focus to undertake a study examining the range and value of rural production activities in the rural areas of South Auckland.

The study reported on:

  • the range and significance of existing rural production activities
  • spatially significant groupings of industries and rural production activities
  • economic value of the range of rural production activities and rural industries
  • commentary on the strength of the cross-sectoral (rural production activities) backward and forward linkages and the significance of these
  • key elements of the rural production systems in the study area, the role these play in the economy of the study area and the wider rural and Auckland economy
  • the range of rural production activities using a range of economic indicators
  • high level commentary on different parts of the study area with regards to; soil type, existing uses and value per hectare based on current use calculated using a range of indicators

The study will assist the Auckland Council to determine the value of its rural economy and the potential impact of accommodating urban growth on Auckland’s rural economy.

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